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Webroot is an antivirus program that helps user to secure their computer and network from harmfull infection which is coming from the internet. Webroot keep your computer update to date with latest virus defination. If it will detected any unwanted program or file which can harm your computer, it will remove that directly. It also take update and scan your computer regularly.

Webroot also provide cloud based security which is very usefull now days. In order to download and install webroot secureanywhere user needs to visit url: webroot.com/safe.

Before going to download webroot, user should have webroot product key to activate webroot secureanywhere.


What is webroot product key?

Webroot product key is an alpha-numeric code of 20 digits, that can help users to trigger their webroot antivirus program. The key position depends on the product being purchased.

webroot product keycode

webroot product keycode

Where to find webroot product key code?

Webroot product key given in two ways:

  1. Purchased Online :- If the user buys it online, the key will be sent to their email address at the time of purchase.
  2. Purchased Offline ( Local vendor or Retail Store ) :- If the user buys it offline they will receive a retail card, they can find the keycode in the back of that card to enable their antivirus program.

User can activate webroot product keycode online at URL: www.webroot.com/safe.


Webroot download with key code best buy?

In order to webroot download with key code best buy, user need to follow the steps:
The method of downloading is the same for both windows / mac platforms.

  • Open Web Browser
  • Visit URL: Webroot.com/safe
  • Register your product here
    • Enter Your email
    • Enter Product Key code
  • Click on Next to go further
  • Tap on ‘Download now’ button
  • After that setup file will be download to your computer


Best buy webroot install with keycode?

In order to complete best buy webroot install with keycode, user need to follow the steps:

  1. Run setup file
    • .exe for windows
    • .dmg for mac
  2. Allow the user agreement
  3. Enter webroot product keycode
  4. Click on continue to proceed
  5. Enter registered email address
  6. Tap on Install Webroot Secureanywhere
  7. Will take a minute to complete the process
  8. So after that, you get the message you are protected now.